Belfast, Northern Ireland is home to one of the most intriguing programmers and producers in Europe.  BASIC is the brainchild and genius creation of central producer Eamonn Creen, who has brought his unique brand of dark, introspective and melodic electronica to straight out of the underground in Ireland.  His rotating group of musicians and DJs has brought BASIC the critical acclaim and admiration of some of the best. 

BASIC was officially formed in 1999.  After appearing on the Sounds Of The Irish Underground (Sony) and Offcentre (Palm Pictures) compilations, the music came to the attention of Bono and The Edge of U2.  BASIC’s debut single “Greenback” was released on their underground label ‘Kitchen Recordings’ and a cult-following quickly materialized.  The dark and eclectic music video that accompanied the single became an MTV and SKY TV chill-out favorite and good press and good fortune followed.
BASIC was soon granted a two-year residency in The Kitchen Nightclub in Dublin.  Reverb was invited to produce and promote these shows with the artist and the nights soon became the thing of legend; each night more surreal and amazing than the next.  The legendary club, owned by Bono and Edge, held Europe’s crown as one of the favored gigs in Europe for countless DJs.  The residency featured guests as wide ranging as Morcheeba, The Utah Saints, Andy Smith of Portishead, to Andrea Parker (Mo’Wax) and Phil Kieran (Plastic Pervert).  Interesting patrons only added to the improbable nature of the nights: Moby and Pierce Brosnan to Matthew McConaghy and Coldplay as well as members of U2 to mention a few. 
BASIC’s live performances are also that of legend, playing alongside Howie B, Alex Patterson, Massive Attack, Pepe Deluxe, Deadly Avenger, Black Star Liner and so many others.  Their festival appearances at Creamfields, Homelands and also Forces Of Light in Helsinki, with so few releases under their belt have only further cemented the group’s huge underground following. 
In 2005, Reverb Records released the heavily anticipated EP and single “Splinters of the Cross” featuring vocals by David J (Bauhaus / Love And Rockets). The single was recorded at Sun Studios in Dublin during David J’s trip to Ireland in 2004.  The lyrics were inspired by his trip to Eamonn’s hometown of Belfast in the North.  The EP has been made available in a limited quantity through Carrot Top Distribution and from the Reverb Records webstore.  The EP also features a remix by The Friends of Jesus Soundsystem, a rare version of the BASIC track “Nothing Human” and a remix of their white album only release of “C404” by Plastic Pervert.

Stay tuned for the Basic Singles Club, which kicks off in August 2010 with the amazing Jill’s Veranda and Teddy Ices. Keep checking back at the beginning of every month for forthcoming tracks.


Splinters of the Cross
2005 Reverb Records

Limited Release (white label)
2002 Reverb Records

Various Artists

Various Artists
2002 Creeping Herb

1999 Kitchen Recordings